UWA's Undergraduate courses

What is UWA's course structure?

UWA's undergraduate degrees are:

We recognise that many students have a specific career goal they would like to pursue, whilst others would like to undertake interest lead studies. Our flexible course structure allows students to design their own degree which suits them.

UWA's three-year undergraduate degrees consist of 24 units or subjects. You will complete at least one degree-specific major, as well as a number of units designed to broaden your educational experience.

Within an undergraduate degree at UWA, students have the opportunity to study either one major or two areas of major within their three year Bachelor degree. Your degree specific major is chosen from the majors available in your chosen degree - Arts, CommerceDesign or Science. You can then decide to study eight electives (free choice units) or take a second major. Your second major can be chosen from any degree program. For example a Bachelor of Science student can study Physiology + electives; or Physiology + Population Health (another Science major); or Physiology + Management (a Commerce major). When studying two areas of major, these majors can be from two very different areas of study, for example; Environmental Science (Science area) and Management (Commerce area), or two similar areas; for example Sports Science (Science area) and Exercise and Health (Science area).

You also get to study four broadening units either as part of your second major or electives.

You may also wish to view an information video about our course structure.

Our students are also encouraged to expand their knowledge of their field by taking advantage of the more than 170 international university partnerships for study abroad opportunities. Discover our international partners here.

More information about UWA's undergraduate degrees is available on the Future Students website.

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