Benefits of UWA's course model

What are the benefits of UWA's course model?
As WA’s only Top 100 University (QS 2019) we are paving the way with an innovative curriculum to respond to changing times ahead and to better prepare our graduates for the future of work and long-term employability. Our course model creates professionals who are better prepared for changes within the workforce because of their breadth of knowledge and skills, as well as the industry connections they've made along the way. We celebrate strong partnerships with industries, offering students valuable professional opportunities before and after they graduate.

Internationally recognised – Benchmarked against world-leading universities in North America and Europe, our course model means your qualification has greater recognition and will be familiar to international recruiters so you can increase your career opportunities and stand out locally, nationally and internationally with WA’s highest-ranked university on your resume. We're also a member of the Group of Eight and the Matariki Network of high-quality, research-intensive universities with a focus on student experience.

Adaptable to change – Don't have a clear direction yet or worried you may change your mind? At UWA, you can choose to study subjects you're most passionate about and explore other areas at the same time. The best part of this approach is that figuring out what to pursue won't cost you any extra money or take you longer to complete your degree.

Breadth – Study a broader selection of subjects so you can personalise your undergraduate degree to suit you. When you're ready, you can achieve a deeper understanding in your subject and master your skills and experience to become a well-rounded, skilled professional at postgraduate level.

Qualification – Our course model means you can study one or two majors in just three years and receive the same level of qualification as a double degree. If you decide to specialise further with a postgraduate degree, you will receive a higher qualification than a double degree. In some cases, you may even complete your qualifications faster. (Source: Australian Qualifications Framework).

UWA Bachelor degree – further information
You will complete a degree-specific major which is nominated from the majors available in your chosen degree. You will also have the option to choose a second major within your three year degree. Your second major can come from any discipline. Students who do not complete a second major will be able to select a range of electives (free choice units). In addition, all students studying a UWA Bachelor degree must complete at least four broadening units. These units are designed to give you a global perspective that will make you a more well-rounded graduate and more attractive to employers. 

You may also wish to view an information video about our course model.

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