Broadening units

Why do I need to take ‘broadening units’ under UWA's course structure?

Broadening your study at an undergraduate level, ensures you're a well-rounded graduate, giving you a global perspective that prepares you for success in a changing and increasingly international workplace.

If you are an undergraduate student you will complete four “broadening” units to broaden your educational experience. Australian and international employer groups and professional associations have repeatedly emphasised the need for graduates who are equipped not only with specific subject expertise, technical knowledge and employability skills but also with a broader understanding that prepares them for a changing world.

Broadening units are a requirement of all five bachelor’s degrees and provide you with knowledge beyond the fields in which you choose to specialise. Broadening units fall into two categories, A and B.

  • Category A broadening units have as their main focus some aspect of the globalised and culturally diverse environment. To satisfy broadening requirements you must include at least one Category A broadening unit in your course.
  • Category B can be chosen from any discipline outside the knowledge area of your degree.

Broadening units also give you the opportunity to study overseas through an approved Student Exchange or Study Abroad program.

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