UWA's Undergraduate courses

What is UWA's undergraduate course model?

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At UWA we've expanded our range of bachelor’s degrees to meet growing demand for skills that address the needs of the Australian economy, industry and society. You'll have more options and more opportunities to specialise in your areas of interest, gaining a deeper level of understanding within your chosen field.

Our courses prepare you for a career with applied, practical learning and integrated industry engagement that give you a competitive edge when you enter the workforce. You can also tailor your degree to your goals by completing two majors within three years or by adding a minor area of study to complement your major.

Maybe you want to choose a bachelor's degree that allows you to take the time to explore different areas of interest and gain transferable skills and knowledge that will lead you towards a broad range of career outcomes. That's the path many people take when they first start uni.

Alternatively, you can choose a more focused and planned program of study where you'll gain a deep level of understanding within a chosen specialisation and develop the specific skills and knowledge you'll need to succeed within that chosen career. The choice is yours.

You can browse UWA's undergraduate degrees by your area of interest on our Future Students website.

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