Benefits of studying honours

What is the value of a degree with honours?

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A bachelor's degree can be awarded with an ordinary pass or with honours.

Honours involves undertaking an additional year of study (or equivalent part-time) at the end of your bachelor's degree, and incorporates a combination of coursework and a dissertation, although this may vary from school to school.

Your honours study will enable you to develop your knowledge and skills as an independent researcher under the supervision of a member of staff with expertise in your chosen area.

Successfully completing an honours degree will not only prepare you for higher-degree study at master’s and PhD level, but will demonstrate to prospective employers a higher capacity for independent learning and research, along with enhanced problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills.

To be eligible for admission to your chosen honours course at UWA, you must have successfully completed a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from a recognised university, demonstrating a strong academic performance in the final-year units of the major you intend to undertake.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) take honours as a standard part of their four-year course.

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