Options after completing an undergraduate degree at UWA

Is it necessary to undertake postgraduate studies if I complete an undergraduate degree at UWA?

Answer ID 1133 | Last updated on 01/11/2022 10.42 AM

After completing your undergraduate degree, you have the option of seeking employment or continuing your study path.

You may choose to undertake postgraduate studies to build your knowledge and skills through a coursework degree; extend the understanding of your subject while demonstrating advanced analytical and project management skills through a research degree; or obtain a professional qualification.

UWA students who choose to seek employment after completing their undergraduate degree have consistently enjoyed stronger employment rates when compared to graduates from other West Australian universities and, in nearly all fields, they also fare better than similar graduates from other Australian universities. The starting salary of UWA bachelor degree graduates has also consistently been at superior levels to that observed nationally. For further assistance you can visit the Careers Centre.

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