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Which majors can I study in my bachelor's degree?

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We offer a wide range of majors and extended majors within our bachelor’s degrees. One major requires 8-12 units over the course of your bachelor's degree so, in most cases, you can choose to study two majors. Extended majors enable you to dive deeper into a particular area of study and normally require 13 to 18 units studied over the course of your degree. You’ll need to choose your major(s) when you enrol but if you’d like to change during your degree you can.

You may also wish to study a minor in your degree. Minors are sequences of four related units that allow you to gain skills and knowledge in a specialised area that may complement your major(s), suit your career goals or simply be of personal interest.

For more information you can explore the majors and minors by study area.

If you would like to check a course major combination, please feel free to contact our Future Students Centre for individual advice.

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