Restrictions on choice of majors

Are there any restrictions on the majors I can choose within my bachelor’s degree?
There are very few restrictions on the majors you may choose within these bachelor's degrees, as long as you meet any listed prerequisites.

Some majors, for example, Science Communication can only be taken in conjunction with other specific majors. If you are missing some of the prerequisites for majors such as Engineering Science or Physics you may be restricted in your choice of second major, if you want to complete your degree within the minimum time possible.

Students are unable to take a second major with Psychology double majorProfessional Economics and Architecture.

While most majors can be readily combined with other majors from within the same degree or from a different degree, some combinations of majors are not able to be completed within the minimum time (that is: three years, full-time, for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Environmental Design or Bachelor of Science; and four years, full-time, for the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)).

Student advisers based in each school, are able to provide you with helpful information to guide your when you commence at UWA.

If you would like to check a course major combination, please feel free to contact our Future Students Centre for individual advice.

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