Changing course offer or course application preferences

How do I change course preferences?

Applied directly to UWA?
If you have already submitted an application directly to UWA you can contact UWA Admissions to request a change of course application preference/s. Our Admissions team will advise you if a new application is required.

At UWA, you get one offer for your highest course preference where you meet the entry requirements. This means if you already have an offer, and you wish to be considered for another course as your first preference you will need to contact UWA Admissions to let us know you have changed your mind.

Applied via TISC?
If you applied via TISC, change your preferences on TISC and you will be considered for the rolling round of offers (excludes Direct Pathways to Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Podiatry or the Medical Sciences undergraduate major). See the TISC website for further information.

If you change your mind after the TISC application and change of preference deadline, contact UWA Admissions.

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