Crawley campus facilities for UWA CELT students

What facilities are available on the Crawley campus for UWA CELT students?

Answer ID 1536 | Last updated on 13/07/2022 01.18 PM

There are many services available on the Crawley campus for UWA CELT students including:

  • Sports Centre with a fully-equipped gymnasium, squash, basketball, badminton and tennis courts, table tennis facilities, and cricket and soccer ovals
  • Martial Arts Centre with international judo coaches
  • Heated swimming pools on campus
  • Medical Centre with doctors and nurses experienced in helping local and international students
  • Banking and Credit Union facilities
  • Shops, a newsagent and a post office with all services
  • Travel agent with a full range of travel brochures and information for students
  • Student counselling service
  • Art Gallery and Museums on campus
  • UniAccess to provide support to students with disabilities

You can visit the UWA Students website for more information.

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