Taking up your Assured Pathway place

How do I take up my Assured Pathway place once I have completed my Bachelor degree?

Answer ID 2182 | Last updated on 30/09/2022 11.14 PM

If you have an Assured Pathway (formerly Direct Pathway) to any of the following:

  • 91850 Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • 91860 Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
  • 91870 Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)
  • 20820 Juris Doctor (JD)
  • 25520 Master of Architecture
  • 25550 Master of Landscape Architecture
  • 51500 Master of Pharmacy
  • 62550 Master of Professional Engineering (MPE)
  • 91550 Master of Public Health
  • 31520 Master of Teaching - Primary
  • 32550 Master of Teaching - Secondary
  • 12520 Master of Translation Studies
and have recently completed, or are due to complete your undergraduate degree at the end of this semester, you will be eligible to take up your reserved place in your postgraduate course, provided you meet the assured pathway course progression requirements.

Current UWA students and recent UWA graduates 
Your postgraduate commencement period is displayed in studentConnect in the Course Details menu under Course & Unit details. If you wish to change your postgraduate commencement period, or if you no longer wish to take up your Assured Pathway place, complete the survey found in the Assured Pathway menu on studentConnect.
You will receive an email with instructions on how to enrol in your postgraduate course, which will be issued once we have confirmed your undergraduate course requirements are completed. This occurs after release of results.

Contact Admissions if you have questions.

Past UWA students with no access to studentConnect
If you no longer have access to studentConnect, you can submit an application on UWA Apply for the intake you wish to commence your postgraduate course.

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