Things to consider before undertaking postgraduate studies

What do I need to consider before undertaking postgraduate studies?

To find a postgraduate area of study that will challenge, stimulate, fulfil and benefit you, you will need to consider each of the following:

  • Field of study: While certain areas see a postgraduate qualification as a minimum requirement, that is not the case for all the fields of work. Make sure you talk our UWA Careers Centre and people in industry to see whether a postgraduate qualification is favourable in your field of interest.
  • Entry requirements: Make sure that you meet the minimum entry requirements for a particular postgraduate degree.
  • Time: It may be difficult to juggle all commitments, so make sure you are aware of the time commitment needed for your postgraduate studies. Talk to your lecturers and current postgraduate students.
  • Money: Postgraduate studies could be expensive (depending on your citizenship status and government funding available). There are limited scholarships available so make sure you enquire and apply early.
  • Global financial environment: When the financial markets are down and there are less job opportunities, it is a good time to use your time wisely and qualify yourself better in order to set yourself apart from other applicants when the markets pick up again.

Visit our Future Students web page for comprehensive information on what postgraduate studies entail. You can also visit the Postgraduate Coursework web page for Current Students which contains lots of useful information.

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