Undergraduate bachelors courses explained

How does the UWA undergraduate course structure work?

At UWA you can study one of five undergraduate bachelor's degrees: Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce, Science or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours). The first four bachelor degrees consist of 24 units.

There are some limits you need to be aware of: you cannot include more than 12 units at Level 1; and you must pass at least four units at Level 3. Beyond this you have the freedom to craft a course that best suits your interests.

You can choose to complete one or two majors. A single major normally consists of eight units. Your major will include a mix of core and option units.

Degree-specific major
Your degree-specific major is an area you choose to specialise in. Some degree-specific majors will require additional 'complementary units' which are compulsory units that provide important knowledge to support your studies in that major.

Second major
You can pursue multiple interests by choosing to select a second major. It may be something that complements your degree-specific major, or it may be something completely different.

Area of interest
If you are not yet sure which major(s) you would like to choose, you can initially just select a broad 'Area of interest' when you first apply or enrol. You don't need to choose a major until your second year of study.

Broadening units
Broadening units are designed to expose you to different ideas and ways of learning, and to prepare you for the challenges of a global workforce. You must complete four broadening units in an undergraduate bachelor's course. Broadening units can include Student Exchange or Study Abroad, languages, maths and indigenous studies units.

Elective units
Depending on your choice of majors you may have space for elective units. You can choose (almost!) anything you like to expand your knowledge in a new field, provided that you meet the unit rules.

Study load
A standard full-time study load is four units per semester. The minimum number to be classified as full-time is three units per semester. You are welcome to study part-time (i.e. one or two units per semester) provided you complete your degree within 10 years. Student visa holders are generally required to be enrolled in four units per semester in order to meet their visa requirement of completing within the duration of their CoE.

Further information
For full details on undergraduate courses, majors and units check the UWA Handbook. If you have any questions search the Frequently Asked Questions. If you can't find the answers submit a query using Email Us, visit the Student Experience team at Student Central or your Student Advising Office for more information regarding enrolment and study loads.

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