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Winthrop Leadership / University Hall Scholarship

About the scholarship

Application Status: Automatically Awarded (No application required)
Applicable study: The UWA Winthrop Leadership Scholarship has been established by The University of Western Australia to provide senior secondary students with an opportunity to undertake a cycle 1 undergraduate degree course and then a cycle 2 postgraduate degree by coursework at the University. The scholarship is intended for students who show significant academic potential, together with leadership ability and other outstanding achievements throughout Year 11 and 12.
Closing date: February 2020
For: Assistance with accommodation
Number on offer: 2
Value: $7,400 each


University Hall wishes to acknowledge the academic and holistic achievement of a Winthrop Leadership scholar by providing two recipients with an additional $7,400 should they choose to live at University Hall for the duration of that year of scholarship.

Application Process

If you were interviewed through the UWA Fogarty/Winthrop Leadership scholarship process, you will be automatically considered for this scholarship award.

Help and support

You can find answers to your questions about coursework scholarships and prizes on the University's online help askUWA.
If you can't find the answer to your question, contact University Hall
University Hall Scholarships website.


Every effort has been made to ensure the information we have supplied is correct and up to date. However we strongly advise that you check the scholarship conditions you are applying for and any other information that is available, to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for any application you might make, and that you understand the implications of any conditions, awarding value and closing dates.

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