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Automatically Awarded Scholarships

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Some scholarships do not require the submission of an application.

For these scholarships, all eligible candidates are considered based on information already available to the Univeristy. For example, this may be through a course application or your course enrolment information.
You will still need to meet the eligibility criteria to be considered and the selection of these scholarships is based on the selection criteria specified.

Some scholarships may still go through a shortlisting process and shortlisted candidates may undertake further selection steps if required.

Help and support

You can find answers to your questions about coursework scholarships and prizes on the University's online help askUWA.
If you can't find the answer to your question, contact our Coursework Scholarships and Prizes Team Telephone: (+61 8) 6488 3834  or at courseworkschols@uwa.edu.au


Every effort has been made to ensure the information we have supplied is correct and up to date. However we strongly advise that you check the scholarship conditions you are applying for and any other information that is available, to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for any application you might make, and that you understand the implications of any conditions, awarding value and closing dates.

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