Attending UWA College Classes

Do I need to attend all my classes?

Answer ID 3372 | Last updated on 03/08/2022 07.44 PM

All students are expected to attend 100% of their timetabled lessons, whether they are studying in-person or remotely. They are also expected to attend promptly, at the regularly scheduled time for these lessons.
Where students are not engaging sufficiently in the activities designed to promote successful outcomes, UWA College has a responsibility to intervene, from a regulatory, academic and wellbeing perspective. The UWA College approach to the management of student attendance and engagement aims to achieve the following:
  • support cultures of attendance, in both face-to-face and online teaching contexts;
  • ensure compliance with government regulations;
  • provide a structure of support for students; and
  • effectively deal with students who are at risk of being withdrawn for poor attendance or engagement.
Non-compliance with student visa conditions is a serious matter that can result in a student being reported to the Department of Home Affairs and their UWA College enrolment being cancelled.

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