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What is Experience-based entry and how do I apply?

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Experience-based entry allows you to apply for a select number of undergraduate bachelor’s degrees using a combination of academic qualifications and life experiences.

These academic qualifications or life experiences may be complete or in complete and may include records of extra-curricular activities, community engagement, volunteering, life and sporting achievements, trade awards, work experience, references and an updated resume outlining your employment history and duties.

We will assess all your qualifications using a points system where points will be awarded for each item submitted, and the total number of points will determine your eligibility for your chosen course.

Courses available:

You can apply for a selection of our comprehensive undergraduate bachelor’s degrees and choose from a wide variety of majors:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design
  • Bachelor of Science

Or if there’s another course you’d like to study, you can get started through one of the degrees listed above before transferring to your preferred course. Students who wish to transfer will need to satisfy UWA’s rules for transferring.

How to apply
If you’re a current Year 12 ATAR student, you can apply through TISC or direct to UWA.  
All other students can apply direct to UWA.
When you submit your application, please include any supporting documents.

What documents do you need for your application?
Documents which may be submitted include evidence of: 
·       Completed AQF awards (Level II-IV) or an incomplete AQF Diploma​
·       Completed ATAR and ATAR subjects (completed interstate only. We have access to results completed in WA) ​
·       Completed general subjects (you only need to supply this if you’ve completed your studies interstate. We have access to results completed in WA) ​
·       Completed high school or other awards completed interstate or overseas  ​
·       Extra-curricular awards or certificates  ​
·       Work experience (resume)​
·       Life achievements and commitments (including sport, music, volunteering etc.)  ​
·       Education references  


This pathway is available to Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens, Australian permanent residents, and holders of permanent humanitarian visas.

Students must satisfy UWA’s English Language Competency requirements through secondary school or a recognised test of English or completion of a Communications unit at UWA. Students must also satisfy the prerequisite requirements for their chosen course either through secondary school or bridging units completed at UWA.

For more information, visit Experience-based entry: The University of Western Australia

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