UWA postgraduate coursework degrees

Why should I do a postgraduate coursework degree at UWA?

Pursuing a higher degree is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, and a long and successful career begins with a postgraduate qualification from WA's highest ranked university. Postgraduate qualifications have become an expectation in a global workforce and can be the defining factor in your future career pathway.

We recognise the world is rapidly changing. That's why a UWA degree prepares you for the careers of the future. You'll learn from experts in your field and make invaluable contacts before you even graduate.

UWA offers a range of Postgraduate coursework degrees designed to help you obtain a specific professional qualification, diversify your educational background, or develop an in-depth understanding of an area of study.

To explore the postgraduate coursework options at UWA, refer to the Future Students website.

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