Study at UWA if your university does not have an agreement with UWA

Can I study at UWA if my university doesn't have an agreement with UWA?

Answer ID 861 | Last updated on 01/03/2022 11.42 AM

If your university or college does not have a formal student exchange agreement with UWA, or if all student exchange places are filled in the student exchange program between UWA and your university, or you have completed high school but not yet enrolled at a university, you can still apply to study at UWA through the Study Abroad Program.

To study on this basis, tuition fees are payable. Fees for 2022 will be AUD$28,900 per year or AUD$14,450 per semester. Fees are based on a standard enrolment of 24 credit points (usually 4 units) per semester. Undertaking additional credit will incur additional fees on a pro rata basis. You can also choose to take 18 points (usually 3 units) for AUD$21,676 per year or AUD$10,838 per semester.

Further information, including application links, documents required and answers to FAQs can be found at our Study Abroad page. 

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