Applying for study abroad or student exchange to UWA

How do I apply for study abroad or student exchange to UWA?

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Applying for a Student Exchange program
If you are applying as an exchange student you must first be nominated by your university. Check to see if your university is an exchange partner institution with UWA. Once UWA has received your nomination, you will receive an email from the Global Learning Office inviting you to log in, and complete the online application.

Applying for a Study Abroad program

  • Direct Application - You can apply direct to UWA by using the online application. If your home university has no relationship with UWA, you will be required to complete the Home University Approval Form.
  • Applying Through a Third Party - You can apply through a third party provider if UWA has an arrangement with your university where tuition and OSHC fees invoices are sent to the university. Third party providers include:
    • UWA authorised representatives throughout the world. UWA maintains a database of agents that you can use to locate an agent in your country
    • Your home university if UWA has an agreement with them where tuition and other fees are invoiced to your home university
    • The Education Abroad Network (TEAN)
If you are applying through a third party you must first be nominated by a Third Party Provider, your home university or a UWA authorised agent or representative. Once this nomination has been received, you will be sent an email from the UWA Global Learning Office with advice on how to apply online.
Required documents for Exchange and Study Abroad applications
Your application should be accompanied by:
  • Your original academic transcript (or a certified copy)
  • Evidence of English language competency (where appropriate)
  • A colour copy of your passport details page
Where documents are not in English, a certified English translation must be enclosed with your application.
Notification of decision
Assessment of a complete application usually takes between one and three weeks. You will receive formal notification by email. Your Letter of Offer will grant admission to UWA subject to satisfying any conditional requirements. You will be asked to complete a Proposed Study List which will go to your School, who will approve individual units of study.

Visit Completing Exchange at UWA for more information.

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