Level 1 units you can study on exchange to UWA

What Level 1, 2 or 3 units can I study on exchange to UWA?

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You are eligible to enrol in any Level 1, 2 or 3 units that you meet the prerequisites for, providing the school gives approval and as long as the units are timetabled for that particular semester. When you submit your online application for the Student Exchange or Study Abroad program, you have the opportunity to submit a 'study list' made up of the selection of units you wish to enrol into while you are at UWA. You may choose any units which are part of a recognised degree program across any of our schools to add to your study list (with the exception of Medicine, Dentistry, postgraduate Psychology and core Law units, which are not available to exchange/study abroad students). The Global Learning Office will forward your study list to the relevant school to seek approval for your units and to check that you meet any unit prerequisites before your arrival, but you will also have the opportunity to make changes and seek unit approval from the schools in person during Orientation week.

You can find unit descriptions in the UWA Handbooks and you can check the current timetable to see the schedule for units. Please ensure that you have chosen units for the semester that you are coming to UWA for: Semester 1 is February - June and Semester 2 is July - November. 

You can use the online handbook to browse through the units offered at UWA. All units consist of four letters detailing the discipline of the unit (such as ECON for Economics, PSYC for Psychology) and four numbers.

  • Units with numbers beginning from 1 to 3 are generally undergraduate units. A code beginning with 1 represents first-year level studies, 2 represents second-year level studies and so on.
  • Units with a number beginning with 4 are generally honours level units and may require a minimum of three years’ study prior to enrolling. Please note honours level units are not always available to Study Abroad and Exchange students.
  • Some units coded 3xxx and 4xxx are common to both postgraduate and undergraduate programs.
  • Units with numbers beginning with 5 and above are postgraduate level and may require a minimum of three years’ tertiary study in a relevant field prior to enrolling.
We strongly recommend you discuss the units you wish to take at UWA with your home university first, as you may need approval from them for the units you select. It is also a good idea to get more than 4 units approved so that you have some flexibility in case unit availabilities change or in case you simply change your mind. 

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