Changing your Approved Study List (ASL)

What do I do if I need to change my Approved Study List?

Answer ID 872 | Last updated on 21/02/2022 11.28 AM

If you need to add units to your Approved Study List (ASL) before you arrive in Australia you can simply email any units you wish to add to your Study Abroad Adviser at UWA. We will send them to the relevant school for approval.
Note: deadlines apply for receiving changes to your study list.

Once you have enrolled you can change your selection of units at any time up to the ADD/DROP deadline. All changes will need UWA school approval. Contact your Study Abroad Advisor for the deadlines in your study period and to get your units changed. 

It can be stressful getting approval from your home university once you are here at UWA due to time zone differences etc. We recommend you gain approval for a selection of units you may wish to do over and above the number of units required to fulfil a full academic load of 24 points at UWA before you leave your home country. This will allow some flexibility to change units if necessary once you enrol. For more information about unit selection, visit our website.

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