Receipt of student exchange offer pack from UWA

When will I receive my offer if I'm accepted on student exchange to UWA as an international student?

Answer ID 878 | Last updated on 07/02/2022 01.02 PM

You will receive your offer from UWA once your assessment is complete. Assessment usually takes between one and three weeks (this can be longer if all the application material is not provided). You'll receive formal notification by email.

Your Letter of Offer will grant admission to UWA subject to satisfying the appropriate prerequisites for the units you have nominated. It will ask you to complete a proposed study list. If you are required to have a list of units approved before you leave home, we recommend you complete this list and forward it to us as soon as possible. Your proposed study list will be assessed and an approved study list forwarded to you before you leave for Perth so you can enrol before Orientation Week. You may change this selection at any time before enrolment by emailing Study Abroad. If you do not need to have your units pre-approved you can change your units after you arrive in Perth. You can also change your enrolled units after you have arrived in Perth, until the first Friday of the semester.

Note: UWA does not send out physical documents by regular mail. All official correspondence will be via email.


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