Admissions requirements for international students applying for Study Abroad and Student Exchange

What are the admissions requirements for incoming students to apply for Study Abroad or Student Exchange at UWA?

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To study at UWA as a study abroad or exchange student you should normally:

  • Have nomination from your home university to participate in the UWA Study Abroad/Exchange Program. If no formal agreement exists, you can still study abroad with us by completing the Home University Authorisation form and including it in your application.
  • Be in Good Academic Standing at your home university, if you are a current tertiary student.
  • Meet UWA’s English language competency requirements at the time of application.
More information about exchange and study abroad at UWA can be found on completing exchange/study abroad at UWA, including entry requirements, tuition fees for study abroad and application portal links.
You'll need to have the appropriate prerequisites for the units that you wish to study at UWA. Generally, first year courses can be taken with no background, while higher level courses can only be taken if you have the appropriate prerequisites or similar courses. Check the units you are interested in taking for individual prerequisites.
If you are from a non-English speaking background you will also need to meet the University's official English language requirements.

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