Amount of money you should bring to Australia when you arrive as an Australia Awards Scholarship student

As an Australia Awards Scholarship student, how much money should I bring to Australia when I arrive?

It is recommended you bring about $500 - $600 Australian Dollars when you arrive in Australia. You will require some money to use until you come to the University and open your bank account.

You will receive your Establishment Allowance cheque ($5,000) on the first day you arrive on campus and meet with the Student Contact Officer. The Establishment Allowance cheque may take up to 3 to 5 days to clear before the money appears in your bank account. If possible, it is recommended that awardees open an Australian bank account prior to arrival in Perth. The Establishment Allowance is a one-off payment to assist you with your expenses to set up your accommodation, purchase books, computer, software and other items.  

You will meet with the Student Contact Officer at 9:00am the business day following your arrival.  

Note: If you arrive in Perth late on a Friday, or on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday), you will not meet the Student Contact Officer and receive your Establishment Allowance cheque until the Monday morning.

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