Practical placement or an industry placement in your UWA degree

Does a UWA degree include a practical placement or an industry placement?

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Work Integrated Learning (WIL) activities provide you with the chance to gain industry knowledge, develop work-ready skills and create lasting networks with industry professionals. Whether you undertake WIL as part of your course or as a co-curricular activity, you'll be better equipped to enter the workforce and pursue your goals. 

Elective WIL placement units are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. For example, WILG2201 Professional Experience Practicum is an opportunity to gain work experience whilst applying the skills you have developed through your degree in a supervised workplace project.

Areas of study which contain practical or industry placement include courses such as Teaching, Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Psychology, Law, Business, Architecture and Population Health. To find out if your degree has a placement component refer to the course information and structure available on the Future Students website.

Check out UWA's WIL website to discover the suitable opportunities available to you.

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