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  1. Updated The best time for you to come on exchange to UWA will depend on your university’s academic adviser's recommendation and the structure of your degree at your university. We look forward to... Date Updated: 11/01/2021 10.07 AM
  2. Updated If your university has a  formal university agreement with UWA, you can  apply to study at UWA as an exchange student. This means you do not pay tuition fees to study at UWA, but continue... Date Updated: 11/01/2021 09.57 AM
  3. Updated All applicants for an Australian Student Visa (and their dependants) must be covered by acceptable health insurance cover during the whole period of study in Australia by purchasing  Overseas... Date Updated: 11/01/2021 10.10 AM
  4. About the scholarship Application status:   Open Closing date:   September 2020 Date Updated: 07/12/2020 11.32 AM