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International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

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ICRAR Connects New Telescope 
ICRAR Super Science Fellowships
Engineering Lab
ICRAR to host e-VLBI Workshop
ICRAR awarded $4.6M towards the MWA
Welcoming New Staff
ICRAR Joint Workshop a Great Success
National SKA News:
Australian Appointed Deputy International SKA Project Scientist
Latest anzSKA newsletter
International SKA News
ICRAR Education Update:
ICRAR Researcher Inspires Students
Remote Primary Students Talk Astronomy 
A Day in the Life of an Astronomer
ICRAR on Facebook and Twitter
Postgraduate  Student Presentations Day
Astronomer Interview: Phil Diamond


ICRAR Connects New Telescopes

Centaurus A as seen by the new trans-tasman radio array

Six radio telescopes across Australia and New Zealand have joined forces to act as one giant telescope, linking up over a distance of 5500 km for the first time. The link-up included new telescopes in Western Australia and New Zealand and data processing facilities at ICRAR in Western Australia.

ICRAR Super Science Fellowships

Under the Australian Government’s  $27.2 million Super Science Fellowships scheme, five new fellows will join ICRAR and work on SKA related projects.  ICRAR has recently started competitve recruitment for these fellowships, aimed at at attracting the world’s best early-career researchers to Australia.

ICRAR Engineering Lab

ICRAR's new engineering lab is off to a great start under the guidance of manager Mark Waterson.  Based at the Curtin node, the lab is working on equipment for the Murchison Widefield Array and the Australian SKA Pathfinder. 

ICRAR to host e-VLBI Workshop

In October ICRAR will host the 9th international e-VLBI Workshop.  e-VLBI stands for electronic Very Long Baseline Interferometry and refers to a technique used in radio astronomy to combine separate radio antenna into one larger, and more powerful, telescope.  The focus of this meeting will be recent scientific and technical advances in e-VLBI, in particular looking toward the future role of Square Kilometre Array pathfinder telescopes, such as ASKAP, as part of e-VLBI arrays, and what we can learn from e-VLBI and apply to the SKA.  Follow the link to read more and register for the workshop. 

ICRAR awarded $4.6M towards the Muchison Widefield Array

Murchison Wide-field Array

The Curtin University of Technology node of ICRAR has recently signed a contract with Astronomy Australia Limited to provide $4.6 million towards the next phase of the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA). The $4.6 million will enable construction and early operation of the MWA radio telescope in the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO).

ICRAR Welcomes New Staff

ICRAR has grown rapidly since our launch last September, with 13 new staff members joining us since January.   We wish a very warm welcome to our new staff members, and hope they enjoy working with ICRAR as we continue to grow.  Click to find out more about who has joined us. 

ICRAR Joint Workshop a Great Success

Antendees in South Africa

The third ICRAR/UCT/APERTIF workshop on pathfinder HI surveys was held in Arniston, South Africa from from 2-5 May 2010.

National SKA News

Australian Appointed Deputy International SKA Project Scientist

Australian Dr Minh Huynh has recently been appointed Deputy International SKA Project Scientist and will be joining the Square Kilometre Array team later this year. Dr Huynh’s time will be split between her base at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in Western Australia and the SKA Program Development Office at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics in the UK.

anzSKA Newsletter - Latest Edition

The latest edition of the anzSKA newsletter is now available, covering all the latest anzSKA news, including:

  • Trans-Tasman Antennas Successfully Linked
  • Perth–Geraldton Fibre Construction Begins
  • Super Science Awards Boost Australian SKA Program
  • Italy–Australia Relationship Develops
  • Deputy SKA Project Scientist Appointed
  • Australia, New Zealand Participate in SKA Meetings
  • ASKAP Geothermal Cooling Trial Takes Next Step
  • New Staff Join CSIRO Geraldton Office
  • SKA Brought to Life by Swinburne Astronomers
  • Spotlight on the SKA at New Zealand Workshop
  • PULSE@Parkes Conducted Live from Europe
  • Indigenous Art Tour Extended to South Africa

It can be downloaded from the anzSKA website here : http://www.ska.gov.au/media/newsletter/Pages/default.aspx

International SKA News

International Developments

News from the SKA Program Development Office, South Africa and Europe.  Covering: site classification, LOFAR, the recent COST meeting as well as the upcoming SKA Forum and the progress of MeerKAT, the South African pathfinder telescope.

ICRAR Education Update

ICRAR Researcher Inspires Students

Jacinta Delhaize with WA Governor and WA Chief Scientist

Jacinta Delhaize, an ICRAR PhD candidate recently spoke at the Governer's Science Forum - Youth, Science, and Sustainability.

Remote Primary Students Talk Astronomy

Students from the Carnarvon School of the Air recently participated in a Universe Awareness (UNAWE) workshop with ICRAR astronomer Dr Megan Argo. As part of the workshop program the students created model radio telescopes to show to South African and Dutch students during a video link up. 

A Day in the Life of an Astronomer

Ever wondered what an astronomer does when they're on a plane?  Wednesday the 21st of April was the World-Wide Day in Science where scientists around the globe wrote about the highlight of their day.  Aimed at encouraging young people to consider a career in science, the World-Wide Day in Science sees hundreds of participants each year.  This year ICRAR astronomer Gerhardt Meurer joined their ranks.    

ICRAR on Facebook and Twitter

Did you know ICRAR has its own Facebook page?  We post events and news, and you can comment on the things we're up to. Ask us an astronomy question and we'll find someone who can answer it for you, or suggest an idea for an event or something you'd really like to know more about.  All our updates are also put on Twitter, so you can follow us there too. 

Facebook IconICRAR on Facebook Twitter IconICRAR on Twitter

Postgraduate Student Presentations

The first annual ICRAR Postgraduate Student Presentations Day was recently held at ICRAR Brodie Hall.  The full-day event saw ICRAR postgraduate students from both nodes share their research progress with staff and fellow students..  

Astronomer Interview: Dr Phil Diamond

Dr Phil Diamond

Dr Phil Diamond holds a Bachelor of Science degree (majors in Physics and Astrophysics) from Leeds University, and a PhD in Radio Astronomy from Manchester University, both in the UK.
ICRAR was fortunate enough to host Dr Diamond for a six month sabbatical from October 2009. Read about his time at ICRAR and how he used high school physics to weigh a black hole!

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