Obtaining your visa if you are a postgraduate international exchange student

How do I get my visa if I am a postgraduate international student?

Answer ID 922 | Last updated on 04/04/2022 01.09 PM

You will need to submit your signed Acceptance and Policy of Refund contract with tuition fee and visa length OSHC payment to the UWA Global Learning Office. The payment amount will be stated on your offer letter (entitled "First Payment" if you are studying for more than one semester at UWA).

If you are a Sponsored Student, you will need to submit your signed Acceptance and Policy of Refund contract with a Financial Guarantee or Affidavit, a Sponsor Document and Sponsored Student Declaration to the Global Learning Office.

Staff in the Global Learning Office will then be able to provide you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).  

A CoE will allow you to apply for a Visa through the Australian Embassy in your country or region. Contact the Australian Department of Home Affairs for details on Student Visas.

The Department of Home Affairs has offices worldwide.

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