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  1. Updated Some scholarships do not require the submission of an application. For these scholarships, all eligible candidates are considered based on information already available to the Univeristy. For... Date Updated: 23/07/2021
  2. If you are a current undergraduate student at UWA looking to change course, please see Transferring to a different course at UWA . For school leavers applying for all undergraduate courses in... Date Updated: 08/02/2021
  3. In most cases, to take up your deferred place in either first semester or second semester , you must respond to your deferred offer through our online portal . This will only be available to you... Date Updated: 08/02/2021
  4. You are an Australian domestic student if you are: an Australian citizen; an Australian permanent resident (holders of all categories of permanent residency visas, including humanitarian visas)... Date Updated: 04/02/2021
  5. As a rule, you must satisfy the following requirements for admission to a postgraduate coursework course: a bachelor's degree or equivalent specific prerequisites for the course UWA's  English... Date Updated: 04/02/2021
  6. The University's  Important dates , including the  Teaching periods, census and withdrawal dates , are published on the Current Students website. Please pay particular attention to the... Date Updated: 01/04/2021
  7. In 2015 UWA initiated a review of the structure of our Academic Year. The “University Academic Year Structure: Review of Principles” aimed to facilitate greater flexibility for students. As a result... Date Updated: 30/10/2020
  8. Updated Once you've had your photo approved to  CaptureME  your card will be printed and ready for you to collect in two University working days.  During Orientation Week, Monday 19 July... Date Updated: 21/07/2021
  9. Students are only required to nominate their major(s) after they have completed the first year of their bachelor’s degree. This means you have time to try out a variety of fields of study before... Date Updated: 04/02/2021
  10. You will be required to submit a full  online application for undergraduate study. Your application will be assessed for both entry to UWA and credit transfer eligibility. Any... Date Updated: 03/03/2021