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  1. Updated NEW STUDENTS Follow these steps for your first campus card: Activate your Pheme account . Log into your  student email account   . Enrol in your units through studentConnect . Log into... Date Updated: 27/01/2023
  2. Updated Once you've had your photo approved via CaptureME ( )  your card will be printed within two University working days.  You... Date Updated: 02/02/2023
  3. The first studies undertaken at university are generally referred to as undergraduate studies, designed to introduce students to the knowledge base within a specific discipline. A Bachelor's degree... Date Updated: 31/10/2022
  4. At UWA your Grade Point Average (GPA) is a simple numerical index that summarises academic performance in a course. Your GPA is reported on your Statement of Academic Record (academic transcript) and... Date Updated: 16/11/2022
  5. The University assigns a credit point value to each unit of study. A unit is normally worth six points (with some exceptions). A six point unit normally represents approximately 150 hours... Date Updated: 03/10/2022
  6. Your WAM, or Weighted Average Mark, is a numerical value out of 100 that is calculated based on the mark you have received in each unit. It is the average mark you achieve across the units you have... Date Updated: 21/11/2022
  7. If you are currently enrolled in a course at UWA, you can apply for credit for units passed in a previous course, either at UWA or from an external university or institution. To apply, complete... Date Updated: 06/04/2022
  8. If you're a commencing student at UWA, the academic year is normally divided into two semesters. Semester 1 runs from late February to the end of May, approximately Semester 2 from late July to... Date Updated: 02/05/2022
  9. Semester 1, 2023 The O-Day Festival is held on the Friday of  O-Week  (the week before semester starts). Guild O-Day Festival, one of the largest events organised by the UWA... Date Updated: 25/08/2022
  10. Updated The University of Western Australia provides a “one-off” airport pickup service for newly commencing students arriving on campus for the first time . The service is provided by Great Western Coach... Date Updated: 07/02/2023